MARINE INVEST REFRIGERATION provides services & maintenance, repairs, compressor overhauls, retrofitting and inspections of refrigeration systems as well as delivery of refrigerants and spare parts. We are F-GAS & EPA approved company.

We are able to provide the following services: Repair of existing marine and shore based refrigeration installations, Routine maintenance services of marine HVAC units and refrigeration systems, Conversions of HCFC to low GWP HFC refrigerant. For all mentioned jobs our company always provides experienced engineers. In view of environment protection demands we ensure that our company is F-GAS and EPA approved. For our customers all refrigeration jobs can be arranged worldwide in relatively short notice. Our engineers are stationed in Gdańsk, Gdynia, Szczecin, Świnoujście (POLAND), Hamburg (GERMANY), Rotterdam (NETHERLANDS), Antwerp (BELGIUM), Cadiz (SPAIN), Liverpool (UK), Piraeus (GREECE), Shanghai (CHINA), SINGAPORE & HONG KONG.


Under 2014 EU F-Gas Regulation (517/2014) High Global Warming Potential HFC’s will begin phase-out from 2020. An important new feature of the 2014 F-Gas Regulation is that from 1st January 2020 the use of F-Gases with a GWP above 2,500 to maintain refrigeration systems with a charge size of 40 T CO2 equivalent or more shall be prohibited. In the Refrigeration sector this will mostly affect systems that use HFC 404A (very often used as R-22 replacement). The size threshold of 40 T CO2 is equivalent to 10 kg of HFC 404A. Recycled/reclaimed refrigerant can be used for plant maintenance until 1st January 2030.

Retrofitting schedule is always individual and therefore we recommend pre-inspection for customers to find the best solution. We offer professional retrofitting of all kinds of refrigerating systems on board ships. We assess what is recommended to exchange as per actual systems components condition, sealing materials wastage, etc. Due to retrofitting experience we issue some information to customers in order to avoid troubles with their refrigerating systems. The info serves than as free of charge advise.


Regarding 2014 EU F-Gas Regulation (517/2014) each refrigerating system must comply with environmental regulations therefore should be periodically checked by professional engineers. Illegal refrigerants (above GWP of 2,500 or more) including R404A, after year 2020 will be allowed to have in operating systems affected by the Service Ban. However there will be no green light to top up systems in case of any leaks (the same situation applies to R-22 systems which can be still found on boards of vessel).

Refrigeration systems require special equipment to be applied for maintenance and repairs. Therefore ship crew might be not able to carry out maintenance on their own. Our company is able to service mostly every system beginning from routine check of installation through corroded pipes exchange to replacing old damaged compressors.


We are able to deliver majority of spare parts and materials for refrigeration, such as filter driers, thermal expansion valves, stop valves, new/reconditioned compressors, wide range of refrigerants, etc. Our supplies could be arranged worldwide. We can provide also all refrigeration tools such as: vacuum pumps, recovery units, leak detectors ect. The refrigerating agents have various prices and their availability might be limited in some locations on the World. We can help in delivery in various ports/countries for reasonable prices.

The cylinders with refrigerant could be collected back by us when empty against credit note. We can also offer a possibility to collect and dispose old forbidden refrigerants. For such disposal we issue certificate. However such services are not anymore free of charge. Disposal of forbidden substances, as per national regulations in most of countries is subject to invoice approximately with similar cost as for supply of new gas.


For our customers we created refrigeration booklet which can be very helpful with providing information regarding rules, troubleshooting etc. Please feel free to print it out for your crew so they can be always prepared.



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"I recommend Marine Invest Group services to everyone who likes to get highest quality and perfect performance. Fully professional cooperation will make You happy and is nothing but pleasure."


"Good quality with prompt delivery dates"


“We have been using Marine Invest Group for the production of hydraulic hoses for Co2 systems for a while now. We find the quality of the hoses they manufacture to be 1st class every time. Their attention to detail in ensuring the correct hoses are supplied is very excellent which gives you added confidence that the hoses are correct for the requirement you have. The manufacturing procedure is very short and normally hoses we order are with us within a couple of days. We enjoy the partnership we have with Marine Invest Hydraulics and look forward to maintaining this partnership for the future. Fire Rescue Safety UK Ltd.”