MARINE INVEST POLAND provides supply & services of calibration of measuring equipment on board (gas detectors, UTI devices, fixed gas detection systems, pressure & temperature calibrators, pressure gauges, thermometers, alcometers, calibration gases) and is authorized by the biggest manufacturers in the world.

Marine Invest Poland is official and certified Riken Keiki distributor and service center.

In order to satisfy customers’ demands our company offers supply and services for wide range of measuring instruments. It includes inspection and maintenance of these appliances regardless of manufacturers or brands. Having in mind reliability, parts availability and performance of different makers’ appliances we could always recommend the best individual solutions in this field.


We are able to test and calibrate wide range of portable or fixed gas detectors from all makers such as RIKEN KEIKI, DRÄGER, MSA, BW, RAE, CROWCON/UNITOR etc. If any parts require replacement we can provide competitive offers for various types of gas detectors such as sensors, filters as well as body covers, battery packs and others. We have experience with assessment of their lifetime. We are able to provide most of mentioned parts ex. stock or with short delivery time. Please see tab “Certificates” to see our authorisations.

Marine Invest Poland is official and certified Riken Keiki distributor and service center.

(Ullage Temperature Interface)


To provide complex handling with our customers’ equipment we propose also the calibration services for UTI appliances. UTI maintenance services includes as follows: MMC Ullage Temperature Interface, Enraf TankSystem Ullage Temperature Interface, Tanktech Ullage Temperature Interface.

We are able to provide any parts replacement for various types of UTI devices such as tapes, sensors and many others. All the parts are usually available on stock.

Marine Invest Poland is official and certified distributor of SHT2002 Ullage Temperature Interface by Sea Hover Technologies Pte Ltd and service center.


Our company can provide a wide range of gas detection solutions as well as calibration of Fixed Gas Detection Systems. This particular service is always performed on board of the vessel. We can provide full support for all Fixed Systems. We are able to perform services of equipment manufactured by: Riken Keiki, TQ Environmental, Consilium, MSA, Toka Seiki and others.


Our company offers annual inspections of ODME systems and 15 PPM monitors. Check-up, calibration, testing and if necessary adjusting and/or repairs of the system according to maker’s instructions. After each Inspection the crew is instructed on performing all tests and maintainance of ODME system. Our Engineers are always willing to provide technical advice by email and work with ship crew to try and solve a problem remotely.

Regarding OWS 15 PPM Monitor we perform activities such as confirming cleanliness, checking and verifying, testing and if necessary adjusting and/or repairs of the system according to maker’s instructions. We are able to carry out 5-yearly calibration. Spare parts are on stock and most parts can be obtained within 24 hours. We are able to support your vessls with exchange service plan. It means that we are able to ship an already serviced and re-certified 15 PPM Monitor to any port in the world.  Afterwards the onboard monitor is returned to us to be serviced and re-certified for the next vessel.


All calibrators on board ships require to be tested every year. We are able to perform such calibration which should take place ashore – not on board. Certificates issued by our company will serve later on as proven accuracy of the devices. Such certificate proves that calibrated device was checked and tested and it will be showing proper readings on all necessary temperature sensors and thermometers existing on board. We are able to calibrate all devices manufactured by: Temperature & Thermometers, SIKA, AMETEK, EiUK, FLUKE, DRUCK & TEMPERATUR, SCAN SENSE, TECHNE, WIKA and others.


As we would like to provide full range of calibration services to our customers we also can perform calibration of pressure gauges, pressure calibrators & torque wrenches. Our workshop is equipped with professional instruments with very accurate digital test gauges.


Recently Marine Invest Poland has become distributor of SEMA Gases.

SEMA Gases is originally a Dutch brand of span gases in disposable cylinder cans started from the desire to create a brand which is applicable for all brands of gas detection equipment. SEMA Gases are used for calibration of portable gas detection instruments and calibration of fixed gas detection systems. SEMA Gases produces single gases (flammable gases, oxygen, toxic gases) and gas mixtures (2, 3, 4 or 5 gas mixtures) in various cylinder sizes 10 ltr, 34 ltr, 58 ltr or 110 ltr. SEMA Gases also supplies the corresponding flow regulator valves with different flow rates and thread connections. Manual type flow regulators are used for diffusion type gas detecting instruments which do not have a pump or with a hand pump. Demand flow regulating valves are used for gas detection instruments with an internal (or external) pump. SEMA Gases also supplies accessories like gas sampling bags, sampling hoses, calibration adapters and carrying cases.

With a growing network of distributors, SEMA Gases will be worldwide available near major ports for shipping and offshore. SEMA Gases is the ultimate brand to check if your gas detection instruments are still in good working condition, which is vital to your personal safety.

For more information visit the SEMA Gases website:


Marine Invest Poland can offer you FRS Services, Lifeboat & Davit Services through Safety Service Network of Class Approved Service Stations with own well trained and approved technicians.

Our Team is created by like-minded Maritime Professionals that have a same dedication towards proposed services and support for most demanding customers.

Having workshops set up in key ports like Gdańsk (Poland), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Hamburg (Germany) and Shanghai (China) we are able to carry out any request you require.

Fire Fighting Equipment:

  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Portable Foam Applicators
  • Fixed CO2 Installations
  • Fixed Dry Powder Installations
  • Fixed NOVEC 1230 Installations
  • Fixed Foam Installations
  • Fixed Water Mist/ Fog Installations
  • Fixed Inert Gas Installations
  • Fire Alarm & Fire Detection Systems

Safety Equipment:

  • Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
  • Emergency Escape Sets (EEBD’s)
  • Compressed Air Cylinders
  • Breathing Air Compressors
  • Medical Oxygen Sets (Portable & Fixed)
  • Immersion Suits (incl. IMO Test)
  • Chemical Suits (Splash & Gas Tight)
  • Inflatable Lifejackets

Tests according MSC 1/Circ. 1206

  • Annual Lifeboat & Davit Inspection
  • 5-yearly Lifeboat & Davit Inspection
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Lifeboats/Rescue boats
  • Hook Release Systems
  • Liferaft Davits and Liferaft Hooks

Tests according MSC 1/Circ. 1331

  • Accommodation Ladders
  • Gangways

Other Load Tests – Over-load Tests

  • Loading Cranes
  • Provision Cranes
  • Lifting Beams
  • Hose Handling Cranes
  • Engine Room Cranes
  • Chain Blocks

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“The service provided on very short notice with very high standard and quality, cost very reasonable. I am very satisfied and I will cooperate with Marine Invest in future.”

Seatrans Ship Management Poland Ltd.

“We have used Marine Invest for service / conversion of refrigeration and AC plant. Performed work was of high quality, up to our satisfaction, within given time and budget. We can recommend Marine Invest as good business partner.”


“It is a pleasure for us to work with Marine Invest. They always do their best to find a smart and prompt solution to support us. Their services are very trustful, professional and the prices are appropriate. We would always recommend them!”